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United Kingdom
Have purchased a glass board from you previously, so came back for a second. \n\nThis time the service was even quicker, we ordered the board after 6pm (UK) on the website and it arrived 2 days later.. superb! \n\nAll the while there was a National Holiday for the King in the Netherlands - top work! \n\nThe guidance note asks for area of improvement.. just one about your 'chat service'.. the operator was vague and closed the conversation before it had finished....I presumed it was getting to the end of shift times. Found it amusing and proceeded with online order anyway (as above).\n\nI will be buying another board from you in the months to come - a music lined one this time - hope to receive the same great service - Keep well ! :o)


Rear Projector Film

Different formats
Widescreen or Letterbox
Suitable for almost every window
Easy to apply
Rear Projector Film

Would you like to make your shop windows a bit more exciting? By using our rear projector film you can give your windows a new and dynamic look by using them as a modern shop sign. Directly project from inside your shop whatever visuals you wish. Videos, photos or text, everything is possible.

Inc. 23% VAT
• Width (cm): 152
• Height (cm): 202,7
• Aspect ratio: 4:3 Letterbox
• Warranty: 2 Year
Inc. 23% VAT
• Width (cm): 152
• Height (cm): 243,2
• Aspect ratio: 16:10 Widescreen
• Warranty: 2 Year

Inc. 23% VAT
• Width (cm): 152
• Height (cm): 270,2
• Aspect ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
• Warranty: 2 Year

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